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Les Tapis Gilles Lamothe Inc.

"Tapis Gauthier" was first founded in 1972. For Papineauville residents, this marks the arrival of a new floor covering store, run by Mr. Léopold Gauthier. Back then, Tapis Gilles Lamothe Inc.’s current owner, Mr. Gilles Lamothe, worked as a floor covering installer, which allowed him to gain work experience in this field.

In 1984, Gilles and his wife Line Lamothe took over Tapis Gauthier. The company offered a wide selection of rugs, linoleum floors, ceramic, wallpaper and tiles as well as many services including floor covering installation. Gradually, Gilles and Line’s inventory increased.

In 1984, the company’s corporate name went from Tapis Gauthier to Tapis Gauthier 1984. Because of the increasing demand for the company’s products and services, Tapis Gauthier 1984 later changed its name for a third time and became Les Tapis Gilles Lamothe Inc., without ever losing its customers’ loyalty.

In 1997, Les Tapis Gilles Lamothe Inc. made a sound decision and moved location at 181 Papineau Street, in Papineauville. This was a good move for the company because with a larger surface area, Tapis Gilles Lamothe Inc. was able to enhance its range of hardwood products.

In 2014, we celebrated our 30-year anniversary with our clients.

Our history makes us realize that our customers have always played and will continue to play an important part of Les Tapis Gilles Lamothe Inc. Our customers’ trust and support are extremely valuable to us. We are proud to make your satisfaction our top priority!

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